Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!

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SSJ9K - Il y a 5 jours
FINALLY IT'S HERE! I'm sorry it took so long. Almost 2 weeks longer than I wanted but things happen. Good news is, only about a week until the next parody is out! Still 3 more videos to come before 2020! Thanks so much for your support and STAY POWERFUL!
Who had the best BARS!?
Laqwita Harris
Laqwita Harris - Il y a 2 heures
I cant BELIEVE someone took all the ramen. Naruto F*** you and sasuke chi chi told me I'm a put a show on for a ninja Broadway then I rasengan on your broads face i might throw a kunai it might hit you in your eye justu handsighs on sight me and my boy black black guy goku ahhhhhh wait you trying to jump because I do not play that sssssssssshhhhhhiiiiitttttttt me you got too much dip on your chip
Kuwop - Il y a 3 heures
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Laqwita Harris
Laqwita Harris - Il y a 3 heures
Laqwita Harris
Laqwita Harris - Il y a 3 heures
F*** you and sasuke chi chi told me I'm be hokage she put a show on for a ninja Broadway then I Rasengan on your broads face justu hand sighs on sight I might throw a kunai it might hit your eye naruto and your boy black guy
CAMERON RENFROW - Il y a 3 heures
Lugia EX
Lugia EX - Il y a 2 heures
Brown browny Jr
Brown browny Jr - Il y a 2 heures
Part 2 😊
Beema Town
Beema Town - Il y a 2 heures
Mayra Perez
Mayra Perez - Il y a 2 heures
0:00 sounds likes like THIS IS GAY
Gamer's Fantasy
Gamer's Fantasy - Il y a 2 heures
Playin you Nintendo switch
pshAMV AMV - Il y a 2 heures
Megax 456123
Megax 456123 - Il y a 2 heures
There needs to be a part two where Goku raps at his super Saiyan form
Mahdee - Il y a 2 heures
Ight part 2 wya? Cuz this was fuckin dopeeee
Nick S
Nick S - Il y a 2 heures
Legendary CHEEK CLAPPING shinobi
RobloxIngor - Il y a 2 heures
I cringed five times during this
PaganSaiyan - Il y a 2 heures
Damn goku, chill
Kitsune Elie
Kitsune Elie - Il y a 2 heures
Nah goku wins, Naruto weak asf on this one.
Opt1c 2026
Opt1c 2026 - Il y a 2 heures
“hey fam”
Jeffery Hyde II
Jeffery Hyde II - Il y a 2 heures
Lmao! Wait..?. Y'all tryin to jump?.. because I DON'T PLAY THAT SHIT!
Logan Wayne
Logan Wayne - Il y a 2 heures
That was pretty ass
Some One
Some One - Il y a 2 heures
Why did you say I threw a kunai through her thigh
Jm gameR
Jm gameR - Il y a 2 heures
make a part 2 this is so funny
Katana Armstrong
Katana Armstrong - Il y a 2 heures
Nia Camara
Nia Camara - Il y a 2 heures
Who voiced sasuka?
Roderick Ford
Roderick Ford - Il y a 2 heures
Naruto I can’t believe somebody ate all the Raman I’m gonna find who did it and drag them
gameingwit halo
gameingwit halo - Il y a 2 heures
You should do look at me by xxxtentacion next with Sasuke
Victor Mejia
Victor Mejia - Il y a 2 heures
AcePlayz Games
AcePlayz Games - Il y a 2 heures
oh god, the hell, it's sadly funny, in the best of ways. carter you never fail me. *so..whens part two?*
Constance Morgan
Constance Morgan - Il y a 2 heures
Black guy:gone ahead and ask her
Me: chi chi did you bust down in the leaf last night
chi chi:uuuuuuuuuuhhhh no?
Elvira Moreno
Elvira Moreno - Il y a 2 heures
I love Naruto
Saikyono - Il y a 2 heures
Im goku the gokagay of the village
Titan06 - Il y a 2 heures
who the fuck watches this kind of shit
IMPERIALX YT - Il y a 2 heures
2:04 "Its him the black one"
Iam death 😂😂😂😂👌🔥
Curtis St Lewis
Curtis St Lewis - Il y a 2 heures
"and then I rasenganed on your broads face"
Vitor R47
Vitor R47 - Il y a 2 heures
Cool thing is that in Gokage's first rap music has some little voices in the background back-rapping too
Nick savage
Nick savage - Il y a 2 heures
We need part 2
Yolanda Hicks
Yolanda Hicks - Il y a 2 heures
Goku: WAIT YALL TRYING TO JUMP Naruto: yes ;-; goku: I DO NOT PLAY THAT SH*****
Jellybean - Il y a 2 heures
Wow hahah your trying to jump?? I DONT PLAY THAT SHIT👿👿👿👿
Voltz G
Voltz G - Il y a 2 heures
You: Could I go out
Parent: with who?
You: some of my friends
Parent: 3:01
Alexandra Marte
Alexandra Marte - Il y a 3 heures
Aw cmon goku all naruto wanted was some noodles 😂😂😭
Fabian Sinclair
Fabian Sinclair - Il y a 3 heures
This was lol
Poopy Butt
Poopy Butt - Il y a 3 heures
The Orange hokage vs the gokage from hidden in the bars I'm done
Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki - Il y a 3 heures
Naruto will win
Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki - Il y a 3 heures
My favorite anime is naruto