It's Time To Move On...

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Aruba Kazmi
Aruba Kazmi - Il y a 18 heures
4 minutes into this video I’m crying
Beatrice Gagea
Beatrice Gagea - Il y a 18 heures
Grayson is soooo penggg today Like I usually think Ethan is but today Grayson killed it😂🥵
Kylee Morrison
Kylee Morrison - Il y a 19 heures
It breaks my heart to hear how guilty they feel for not making videos and hearing about their dad passing away . They’re great people and I’ll wait two months for a video if it means they’re happy and healthy and it makes me wanna cry because they’re so sad . ❤️ their health is more important than YouTube and I know thousands of people will agree .
Brianna Leigh
Brianna Leigh - Il y a 19 heures
I’m sorry boys ❤️ we love you very much and will support you through whatever you may go through
emily gomez
emily gomez - Il y a 19 heures
aw shane , i love him 💓💓💓
Claire Bear Jewell
Claire Bear Jewell - Il y a 19 heures
Did they need to be so dramatic about this? Like really, getting Shane and posting an hour long video, making so much hype to tell up they are burned out. Come on, it’s not that dramatic.
Unicorn squad ❤️🦄🦄
Unicorn squad ❤️🦄🦄 - Il y a 20 heures
Why r people saying u quit I got sooooo fucking scared I live u guys ❤️😭😭😭😭
Johanna Forsberg
Johanna Forsberg - Il y a 20 heures
Finally we get to see the twins that I saw in the video on Molly's channel and in the videos with jefree I look forward to see your future content and I actually want to follow you now. But first you need to take care of yourself and your family now. Family first♥️
Alice Hunt
Alice Hunt - Il y a 20 heures
I feel like us as fans failed, but take how long you need, focus on your mental health, get better and grieve and mourn for as long as you need too. We love you x
dtun94 - Il y a 20 heures
Karolann Duhamel
Karolann Duhamel - Il y a 20 heures
I literally don’t want them to post for like 6 months
Malaika Nasir
Malaika Nasir - Il y a 20 heures
I have never cried this hard man
Animal Madness
Animal Madness - Il y a 20 heures
I did the maths... that’s 1,680 Tuesdays!!!
amanda kallan
amanda kallan - Il y a 21 heure
Babes I wish you all the best. Take care of yourselves and your family, I hope you find the healing that needs to happen, take all the time you need, we will be here
Fred Bella
Fred Bella - Il y a 21 heure
Mary Denny
Mary Denny - Il y a 21 heure
You two were fun kids to watch but now it’s time for two men to grow and how fun is that going to be to watch...I can’t wait!!!
our lord and saviour Taemin
our lord and saviour Taemin - Il y a 21 heure
i would like to watch this video but im HOH and they speak too quietly :/
ZHaz 916
ZHaz 916 - Il y a 21 heure
i need shane’s number..
Fred Bella
Fred Bella - Il y a 21 heure
I’m happy there helping themselves... it’s important and I wanna see the now version of the Dolan twins❤️ thinking of yourself first is not selfish and stopp feelings guilty!! Your humain and your doing the best you can and that is okay
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams - Il y a 21 heure
So are they quitting YouTube or what I’m scared if they do
Lauryn Torres
Lauryn Torres - Il y a 22 heures
These boys deserve so much. All they focus on is making us happy. They deserve to do what they need to make THEMSELVES happy. Put yourselves first guys. We will always love you. Worry about yourselves more than us. We always have your videos to look back on when you need time. You will always be there for us and it’s our turn to be there for you. Take your time. Take as much as you need. The real fans will always stay with you and be by your side. ❤️😭
Andreana Prodanova
Andreana Prodanova - Il y a 22 heures
really? that's the big announcement? Aight.
Shane is basically the Dr. Phil of the YouTube Community
Frances Lewis
Frances Lewis - Il y a 22 heures
Hearing all these YouTubers talking about how toxic it is to their self esteem and mental health makes me feel some sort of guilt.
Kayla Miahh
Kayla Miahh - Il y a 22 heures
the 11k people that disliked this video obviously don’t have a heart
Peralee Knight
Peralee Knight - Il y a 22 heures
I lost my mother when I was 21 years old and my father when I was 25. Don't let anyone tell you the right way to grieve. You are both incredibly brave to reach out to your friends to talk. I'm sorry you felt like you had to hide your loss for the world. I felt like there was no one who could understand how I felt. My support system was gone and I felt lost. I'm glad you have each other but it's also good to let your friends and family know where you are mentally. I wish you both peace and reflection.
lemoni ruttens
lemoni ruttens - Il y a 22 heures
I want emma and ethan to be together
Maisy Grace
Maisy Grace - Il y a 22 heures
i get this so much my dad died when i was 6 and i dont know how you guys could get up that week and put a smile on your face
Jessica Rawson
Jessica Rawson - Il y a 23 heures
Thomas Snider
Thomas Snider - Il y a 23 heures
You guys are awesome
mouni council
mouni council - Il y a 23 heures
this had me in fucking tears y’all. i’m so sorry and just know that y’all are going to be making us happy by making yourselves happy. much love💛.
Finia - Il y a 23 heures
i love u guys so
Ella 1
Ella 1 - Il y a 23 heures
Are they quitting YouTube I am in confusion
casey danielle pena
casey danielle pena - Il y a 23 heures
I lost my mom to cervical cancer. Im not a youtuber. But i know how hard it was to constantly be in hospitals, taking trips and trying to find anything possible to make my mom better. Because i saw my mom at her worst, i thought alsp that she would live forever. As much as we wanna subside our feelings, we cant. And even distracting ourselves.. theres always a small sad voice at the back of our head. Because no one can fill that void in our hearts. Nobody can ever replace your dad and its scary to think that after 19 years they're just gone. And their entire life is gone. You start to appreciate life more because you realize that they had no choice. Now i dont know if you will ever read this. But i would love to talk to you two. My name is casey and im also 19. We all have a story.. some worse than others but we all deserve peace in our lives. Even if the world may be cruel.
Finnley Stevenson
Finnley Stevenson - Il y a jour
You're definitely not letting us down, we care about you guys and want you both to be happy that's why we're all subscribed, if you guys have to make decisions for yourself do it, because for us we just watch a video and wait for the next one for you guys it's your life and if you're not happy then you gotta make changes
Xuxu Nguyen
Xuxu Nguyen - Il y a jour
Looking at the headline read
It's time to move on
Me:Wait wait wait are they quitting YouTube
Watch the video
Me: ohhhhhhh😮
Inspiring World
Inspiring World - Il y a jour
I don’t really like Shane but I’m not going to judge him because he’s a YouTuber and I love youtubers
Emily Jones
Emily Jones - Il y a jour
Shane just kept slapping Jake Paul this whole video 😂
Juba Samenezes
Juba Samenezes - Il y a jour
Best video ever!!!!! Be real always, it's even more fun to watch! Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷
Xpsycho.unicornX - Il y a jour
I was waiting until I realized that they are not going to post💔
Emily Jessup
Emily Jessup - Il y a jour
I’m so late in watching this video purely because I’ve been so busy. But oh my.
The emotions are high! I’m so so proud of you both for being so honest. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for the both if you. And I’ll always be here with you every step of the way 💜💜
SBW 2 - Il y a jour
Do what makes you happy and don't let a Punk Ass James Charlie get in your way. Learn and grow in your own time. And don't let others selfish demands and feelings get in your way.
Leah Wallace
Leah Wallace - Il y a jour
I love you guys sm
phanic! at the twenty øne chemical billies
im so excited, i stopped watching you guys a while ago because you just seemed like another channel for 12yrold girls but seeing that you can now be open and grow with the channel is great and im excited for the future
Blessy Rae A. Narciso
Blessy Rae A. Narciso - Il y a jour
Blessy Rae A. Narciso
Blessy Rae A. Narciso - Il y a jour
_GRETHANDOLAN_ - Il y a jour
I’m just gonna say one more thing...I love you guys so much and you all will be in my heart and in everyone’s heart...this video will always give me memories and I will always remember you guys in the future...when I am older I still will watch your videos and show my kids in the future you guys and get them to love you. And know some stuff...I just wanna say one more thing...”brace for cheese” 😂I love you guys I hope you explore everything new and hope in the future you have the best time you hoped for❤️❤️❤️
Smeh. tj
Smeh. tj - Il y a jour
damn twins danm how similar
trinity rodrigues
trinity rodrigues - Il y a jour
“Peace ✌🏽” 😭💔
I miss that
Lecter Sandoval
Lecter Sandoval - Il y a jour
What did I miss, are they quitting forever? Sorry been sick I can’t understand what’s going on
WayFastWhitey 203
WayFastWhitey 203 - Il y a jour
Still dont know what the statement is
Ember M
Ember M - Il y a jour
The one on the left is hotter
Devon_is_here_lol - Il y a jour
This comment goes to ALL the 11k people who disliked
Emily Voithofer
Emily Voithofer - Il y a jour
it’s for the best ! i’m excited for what’s to come
Katelyn Alonso
Katelyn Alonso - Il y a jour
“Your audience is younger than you”
Me: •_______•
Amber Rose Miller
Amber Rose Miller - Il y a jour
btw I just had to let go of something dear to my heart too! also E I was in and out of the hospital w. a bacterial infection too wtf. ..had no idea what all you guys were going through. glad you feel better! let's fckn goooooo 😅💘
Natalie Malone
Natalie Malone - Il y a jour
i am so, so proud of ethan and grayson for expressing their emotions,which is one of the hardest things you could ever do, let alone putting it on the internet. In honour of the dolan twins speaking out and doing something for themselves, and taking time for themselves, i will be starting from the very beginning, 5 years ago, and watch them grow throughout the weeks, months and years. I think everyone would agree with me when i say thank you Grayson and Ethan for giving us the best videos every week, making us always feel better and changing our lives for the better, but just know that All of your fans and even people who are not your fans will always be here to support you no matter what and we don't care if you even take a year off to focus on yourselves. Your mental health is the most important thing, take as long as you need to figure out everything.
We love you Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan. Your dad would be very,very proud of you guys, don't doubt that ❤❤
Jelitza - Il y a jour
HollowPoint_BMX - Il y a jour
an hour video just to tell us that your not uploading as much? wackkkkkk
Kaitlyn Slack
Kaitlyn Slack - Il y a jour
Whoever gave this video a down thumb fucknig sucks
Chelly Danielle
Chelly Danielle - Il y a jour
This is my first time watching a Dolan twins video. Just subscribed.
Games With JC
Games With JC - Il y a jour
Ima miss gray and E